Ed Scarborough’s Construction Biography

The state of Virginia, with its illustrious history, was once at the thick of action when America geared towards industrialization. With its rich mining, coal and construction background, it is unsurprising that Virginia is still home to many of these flourishing industries. At par with the industrious spirit of Virginia, Ed Scarborough, a family man with strong ties to Virginia, has gathered vast experience in these fields over the years. His construction career found its humble beginnings in 1996 with the launch of the Florida-based highway construction company, Scarborough Civil Corps.

Ed Scaborough: Construction Experience


Through Scarborough Civil Corps, as the President of the company till 2002, Ed Scarborough has achieved great success in the construction industry through many public and private projects, including but not limited to working in collaboration with the reputable Army Corps of Engineers. Over the years he actively participated in various water and electrical control projects and has worked in areas ranging from MacDill Air Force Base to the Orlando International Airport.

Edmund Scarborough channels his professional success and experience, achieved through rigorous involvement in large-scale construction and mining projects, into ensuring the that his clients and his community receive the best of services. He has specific experience in design-build construction having worked on projects for the US Embassy in the US and abroad undertaking projects like the construction of  VA Medical Complex and Multi-Family Housing. Ed has managed multi-million and multi-billion dollar construction contracts on colossal projects like highway construction, rail construction and coordination of cities and municipalities, from their initial design to the final close-out.

As a committed manager, team leader and mentor, Edmund Scarborough consistently tries to inspire his coworkers to excel in their performance and exceed expectations in achieving their goals. With each new project, Ed also works on self-improvement alongside improving the performance of his team to ensure that the clients receive the most optimized services possible, with reduced risks and costs and maximized profitability. Aside from the projects undertaken by his construction firm in Winter Haven, Florida, Ed has been personally involved in high-value national and international projects in real estate and residential construction as well as large scale electrical and water control projects.

Ed Scarborough: Professional Certifications

The many professional certifications that Ed Scarborough has accumulated over the years are a testimonial to his persistent pursuit of excellence at everything he does. Currently, he is diligently working towards an online certification in Business and Construction Law, while also pursuing re-certification in project management from the renowned Project Management Institute, an internationally recognized leading non-profit association. Ed is also affiliated with a range of impressive associations like the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Federal Highway Spec Committee, the National Mining Association, the American Coal Foundation and many more.

With his vast pool of knowledge in his chosen fields and his diverse range of experiences on national and international platforms, Ed Scarborough’s work is still respected in the industry by those familiar with the excellent standard of the services he provides.